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Are you Unskilled and wish to work in Canada but still don’t know the exact job to apply for? Then you need to stop searching now and focus on the following Highest Paid Unskilled Jobs in Canada, which you will be called up for.

Get ready to be surprised and inspired! While you might think that unskilled jobs in Canada are only going to make your pennies, it turns out that some of them can pay as much as $80,000 per year… that’s over $60 per hour! In fact, one of the highest-paid unskilled Canadian jobs in the country does not require any sort of formal education or specialized training at all, it just takes a lot of physical endurance and mental focus. Don’t miss this list of the highest-paid Unskilled Canadian jobs you may never have considered!

Highest Paid Unskilled Jobs in Canada

Below here is the list of the Highest paid Unskilled Jobs in Canada that will interest you to apply for, so check below to select the job that best suit your taste now!!!


Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Occupations

While there are a lot of different job titles within these industries, they generally require a higher level of education and experience to get started. But, it’s no surprise why people gravitate towards these jobs – they’re some of the highest paid unskilled jobs in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, many occupations within these fields had a median hourly wage of $21.90 or more.

Construction Trades

Given that construction trades are crucial to a flourishing economy, they’re also often some of the highest-paid unskilled jobs in Canada. Check out CareerWise for a comprehensive look at what it takes to get hired, where to find jobs, and how much you can expect to make in salary. The average salary is $44,000 per year with an annual projected growth rate of 5% in 2020. The biggest downside? A higher risk of injury due to more strenuous work conditions.


Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Related Production Occupations

Many of these jobs are seasonal, and they often require outdoor work in harsh weather conditions. Still, the pay can be extremely high – well above $50,000 per year. On average, these types of positions receive $26.44 per hour, but many workers make considerably more than that. According to Statistics Canada, logging machinery operators earned a median annual salary of $76,531 in 2013. They also worked an average of 56 hours per week with only half receiving any paid vacation time off.

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Cleaners and Building Supervisors

Did you know that being a janitor was one of Canada’s highest-paid unskilled jobs? The average annual salary for a janitor is $25,346. There are very few opportunities to make more money than that without getting a college degree, and they don’t need years of training or qualifications.

Transportation Equipment Operators (ex. Truck Drivers, Subway Operators)

When it comes to earning potential, truck drivers are, by far, one of the highest-paid unskilled jobs. Those who drive an average of 1-5 trucks per week can earn an income between $60,000 and $80,000 annually. That’s a lot of dough for simply driving a vehicle. A subway operator is also another highly sought-after profession because you are essentially getting paid to sit in a control room for hours at a time and watch monitors (while music plays for some added ambiance).

Handlers, Equipment Cleaners, Helpers – Material Moving Workers; Packaging And Filling Machine Operators And Labourers

While these careers may not immediately sound like some of Canada’s highest-paid unskilled jobs, they are listed as some of Ottawa-Gatineau’s best. As a matter of fact, all 10 top spots belong to jobs based in Ottawa-Gatineau. Not only do these fields pay well, but they are also an excellent source of part-time opportunities and seasonal employment.

The best-unskilled job, by far is that of Transportation Equipment Cleaners with an average hourly wage of $28.29/hr. This is followed by Helpers – Material Moving Workers at $24.96/hr and Packaging And Filling Machine Operators And Labourers at $23.42/hr.

Other Sales and Service Occupations

Topping our list is another occupation that you’re probably not expecting to see but it certainly fits with one of our core tips for young professionals. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, sales might be a great fit for you, and many times, it comes down to building relationships. And while selling can be stressful at times, there are also many aspects of sales that are fun and social. For example, if you’re working as a consultant or freelancer (or perhaps even looking to start your own business), you could do worse than become an expert in your field and offer services on your own terms. Salespeople enjoy high pay and flexible schedules not to mention access to new people and new experiences every day.

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Machine Operators (except ICT)

While not everyone has a head for math, many people enjoy working with numbers. Working as a machine operator, you’ll keep track of all financial data for your company. Machine operators usually work with spreadsheets or databases, inputting and updating information such as product costs and employee wages. This can be done from an office or from home—either way, it’s one of the highest-paid unskilled jobs out there.

Retail Sales Supervisors

Average Salary – $71,000/year, Entry-Level Education – High School Diploma. Becoming a retail sales supervisor can earn you an average annual salary of $70,000. Sure, it might not seem like much at first glance; but consider that a high school diploma is all that’s required to reach management level and that entry-level supervisors usually start at around $50,000 per year—and then consider it again.

Office Clerks (Except Legal, Medical, and Executive Assistants)

While a formal education isn’t necessary to be a successful office clerk, it certainly doesn’t hurt. The median salary for an office clerk is $28,880 per year. While that may seem like quite a bit of money, you must remember that these workers are also at risk of being laid off as business conditions worsen or as more outsourcing occurs. While white-collar jobs can be more stressful and time-consuming than blue-collar jobs, their security is much better. (White-collar workers can go years without fear of layoffs.) There is always someone who needs administrative assistance so there should always be work available for office clerks.

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