Easy Steps To Unblock Your URL On Facebook | How To Unblock Banned Links On Facebook

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Ever tried to post a URL on your Facebook wall then you get an error, send a link from a particular website to your friends via messenger then you get an error saying “message not delivered”? Sorry to break this to you but that Website [URL] has been blacklisted by Facebook and is now tagged as a scam.

Blocked URL is one of the worst nightmares of any blogger, especially those bloggers who get most of their traffic from their Facebook friends as they are now restricted from sharing URLs of articles from their website to any Social media platform owned by Meta [Facebook, Messenger & Instagram]. Surprisingly WhatsApp which is also owned by Meta still allows all links even those blacklisted by Facebook.

Normally, when your website gets blacklisted, you are given the option to contact Facebook and let them know that your website does not violate their community policy click on the button below to contact them now!!!.


If you are lucky, you will get a positive response and your URL will be removed from the list of blacklisted websites.

Note: If your URL gets blocked again, that is the end and it will NOT be unblocked by Facebook so be careful.


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Reasons Why Your Website Was Blacklisted

Sometimes most bloggers (especially the newbies) get their URLs blacklisted easily because there are oblivious to the rules and community standards set by Facebook Inc.

Your website can get blocked due to numerous reasons and Swipweb will be giving a comprehensive explanation of all possible reasons:

  • Spamming: New bloggers are always guilty of this and eventually turn victims of a blacklisted website. Opening a new website is pretty amazing and we all love to share articles with our friends and the Facebook community, but sharing a single URL to multiple groups would trigger the red line and your URL will be marked as a spam site by Facebook.

    According to Facebook policy, there is a limit to links we share from a particular website daily and new websites are easily blocked because they are yet to become popular amongst most Facebook users, so sharing a particular URL from an unpopular website multiple times by the same user would get the site blacklisted in a matter of minutes.
    • I advise you share 1 link a day to at most 3 groups until your website becomes popular.
    • Create a Facebook page for your website and invite your readers and friends to like the page, post your URLs there and your website will be safe.
  • Reported URL: Oh no, I don’t spam but my website was still blacklisted!!! This can happen to anyone and the main reason is that your URL was reported Multiple times to Facebook by other users (probably by another blogger who feels you are a threat to his traffic and tries to take out the competition by getting your website blocked).

    This is a cheap move but sadly, it is being practiced by some bloggers out of hate for another blogger.

    Note: Your Link can also get reported by real users if your articles are fake or clickbait.

    There is no technical way of Preventing your URL from getting reported but if you know who has been reporting it, you can contact them and find out why, and also make sure your URL is always real and not clickbait.
  • Banned Content: Your website can get blacklisted easily if your articles go against Facebook policies.

    Facebook is the most popular social media and is available to everyone in every country except (China, Bangladesh, Iran, and North Korea), so users can easily get influenced by what they read Facebook is trying all possible means to make sure only positivity is shared around its community users.

    URLs that promote Fake news, hate speech, Violence, crime, Scamming, Human trafficking, Hacking, and other illegal stuff, drugs, and slander are prohibited in the Facebook community and when such URL is found, it is immediately blocked without an option of recovery.
  • Try to remove all of the listed errors from your website and then write to Facebook moderators to click here to contact Facebook, asking them to review your website, if they find it clean, your website will be removed from the blacklist.

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How Post Your URL On Facebook If It Gets Permanently Blacklisted

Below here are some steps which we can apply to bypass the Facebook URL Blacklist, these are measures that have worked fully well for me in the past years.

Once your website gets blacklisted by Facebook, you can send a request to them asking them for a review, if you are lucky, you will get unblocked but once your Website is permanently blacklisted, Facebook won’t allow you to post URLs from that site again.

Swipweb will be showing you methods on how to still send URLs from your blacklisted site to Facebook, some of these methods might seem unconventional but they all work flawlessly 100%.

Change Domain Name: This might be hard for most bloggers because your domain name is your identity and changing it would take your website back to level 1. Although this would help you to post on Facebook, this method is not advisable, especially for old websites but new websites with low popularity can use this method.

Twitter: Yes, you heard me right. Create a Twitter account and post your links there, then copy the twitter link (use a web browser to open Twitter) and post it on Facebook, and also write a short description while posting the link on Facebook so your readers will know what you’re posting about.

URL Shorter: there are numerous websites that shorten any URL given to them and create another URL that would still lead to the same destination as the original URL. This method is also another great way of sharing your blacklisted website on Facebook.

Note: Make sure you add a picture and link description so your audience will know where they are going and also use a good URL shortener.

All these methods have been tested by Swipweb and they work without any flaws.

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